First Person Plural: My Life as a Multiple

First Person Plural: My Life as a Multiple - Ph.d.,  Cameron West

Schlocky, gooberly writing, interspersed with stuff that is much more real and gritty. I don't like it when my attention is diverted from the contents because of the way the book is written, but if the subject matter is compelling enough I can redivert myself back to the material.


We humans just amaze me, really, the incredible ways in which we handle trauma as little tackers so we can survive. This may sound a little strange, but there is an element of beauty, or maybe elegance, in the way humans split the stuff off that needs splitting off so that they are able to function. Putting it all back together again takes a lifetime. Being able to share someone else's ride as they recount part of that whole uber-paintful integration experience is a privilege, really.